Hughie Fury stepping into the spotlight

Hughie Fury

For the first time in his 4 year career Hughie Fury will fight in his home city of Manchester when he takes on New Zealand world champion Joseph Parker. Not only will that be new to the family member of former heavyweight king Tyson Fury but he will also be fighting to emulate his older cousin. It is Hughie’s first attempt fighting for a world title and perhaps Parker is the best opponent for him. The other champions at heavyweight are Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder and while Parker does represent a step up in class for the young contender, Joshua or Wilder would  be a step too far at this point. When the fighters get in the ring how will it play out?

The fight itself has not caught fire. The build up has been slow and the fact the fight was scheduled to take place in New Zealand back in May this year has taken the momentum out of the occasion.

However, the weigh in sparked interest as it broke out in a brawl between the two camps. Has the time passed for hype? It is too little too late to unfortunately to sell the fight on a feud basis. It may be by design as Hughie distances himself from his cousins antics. Tyson Fury is well known for his outspoken nature and the mind games he plays. Hughie by contrast is quieter and more reserved. It is good to see him stick to his guns and not try and be something he is not. But as the weigh in shows he does have a something about him. Maybe it was the Fury camp egging him on. Tyson Fury was present encouraging Hughie to ‘nut him’ – basically calling for a head-butt.

Both fighters come into the fight unbeaten – so somebodies 0 has to go! Parker has held the WBO World Heavyweight title since December 2016 when he defeated Andy Ruiz Jr on a majority decision. He has defended it once against Razvan Cojanu who was a replacement for the fight Hughie pulled out of. Before the majority decision and the unimpressive unanimous decision win over Cojanu Parker was known for his power. At the time he had 18 knock-outs in 21 fights. His last two performances have not been as impressive. It lead to Dillian Whyte calling him out after his first defence. Is this him adjusting to the step up in class? Yes it is. The worrying sign for Fury is that he is winning even when he is not at his best.

Fury has had a battle of his own in recent times. A rare condition called acne conglobata which severely hindered not only his training process but his performance on fight night too. He recalled in a recent interview the times in training when the marks on his back would crack in sparring and he would have a bloodstained training top by the end. The condition affected his stamina also as it would sap his energy in fights. After taking powerful medication for 8 months Fury is now free of the condition and looking to kick start his career.

Hughie seems to be relishing being the main man in the Fury family. Maintaining that Tyson and himself were born to fight he is taking up the mantle of his cousin. Meeting Manchester United players, headlining a bill in Manchester and fighting for a world title show you that they are building him up. At the end of the day he needs to do it in the ring. Parker is a step up for the challenger. He has not fought anybody at the standard of the Kiwi and will have to rise to the challenge. As Parker himself has shown it takes time to adjust at a higher level.

Fury can win. He is slightly taller and rangier so if he can use his jab and neutralise Parker coming forward it will give him a great opportunity at taking the belt. He will have to work around the ring, moving and not letting Parker in close. Inside fighting is not Fury’s biggest talent so he will want to avoid those encounters. The  footwork of the challenger is key to the fight, if he can make Parker chase him and look flat footed the judges will notice. Parker has to get inside were Fury’s length and reach will not be effective.

The fight may not have caught the imagination of the boxing world, but be sure to tune in when the bell rings. Both men are looking to make a statement in the division and Parker as champion at 25 and Fury challenging at 23 shows just how good the future of the heavyweight division is. Both young men. Both at an incredible level of boxing. Both unbeaten. But both relatively unproven at the highest level. This is the chance for both fighters to make some major noise. Can Parker make it in Britain and raise his profile and standing in the sport? Can Hughie step out of Tyson’s shadow and become a world champion in his own right? There is only one way to find out. Enjoy the fight!

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Cool Hand Luke needs to be better than his best


Luke Campbell will have his chance to claim the WBA World Lightweight title (amongst others) when he steps in the ring to face Venezuelan champ Jorges Linares. It is a tall order for the Brit who comes into the contest off the back of a good victory over Darleys Perez. He will have to be bang on his best to claim the belt, anything less could lead to a long and embarrassing evening for the 2012 Olympic gold medallist.

Linares is a classy operator. He is also no stranger to British fight fans. They will remember him for the two victories he scored over Manchester’s Anthony Crolla in his own back yard. He completely overpowered and outclassed the man he took the belt off and then successfully defended it against 6 months later. His hand speed and movement were just too good for the hard working Mancunian.

The WBA World champion looks in great shape for the fight. Training camp has gone well for him and his boxing skills are on point. This is a top quality fighter that will be entering the ring at The Forum in Ingelwood, California. Linares also has above average power at the weight scoring 27 knock-outs in 42 fights. While he does carry that threat it will be the technical side of his style that will give Campbell the biggest problems.

There is hope for the Yorkshire southpaw as he travels to America to try and fulfil a dream. It could not get any more difficult for him as Linares does pose a massive obstacle to winning the belt. Linares has been stopped in the past. If Campbell can cause him some problems and ask questions of him the champ can start to unravel. Campbell will have to come forward and trade with his opponent it is a case of who can produce the cleaner more eye catching work.

Campbell looks in the good shape himself and at some point he will be put to the test. There will come a time in the fight when he will be asked to come through some bad spots. Whether he is hurt or tied up on the ropes he will have questions to answer. It is inevitable that in a fight against such a talent like Linares he will get on top of the fight. The vital stage of the fight will be when Linares is trying to kick on and move up the gears. How far can Campbell go? He will have to dig deep in stages and keep his head as well as showing heart. If he does that he will be in with a great chance of victory. If he does not, it will be another successful defence for Linares.

It is a step up in class for Campbell but one that he is ready for. He himself has a good boxing IQ and his strengths are similar to his opponents. He does carry power, in his 17 fights he has won 14 by way of knock-out. Campbell will be hoping to cause Linares to lose confidence coming forward by letting him feel his power. In doing so it will lead the champion to let up with the pressure he can put on. Campbell giving Linares something to think about early is vital for the Brit’s hopes of taking the W. If he is not able to do that Linares will just fight his own fight and by default win the contest.

The fight is upon us now. The hard work by both fighters has been put in. A new chapter for Campbell begins with this the fight of his life, so far. An impressive win in America would sky-rocket his profile and give him options moving forward. Defeat is not a disaster. He has lessons to learn and if this is one of those lessons so be it. He will come back. Can he pull of an upset and beat Linares? Absolutely. But it will have to be his level of performance that improves because Linares is showing no signs of slowing down. The champ wants to keep those belts – can Campbell take them?

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Luke Rockhold back to conquer the middleweights….. again!


It must have been a hell of a long 15 months out of the game for mixed martial artist Luke Rockhold. Injuries, promotional problems and lack of credible opponents extended his absence from the octagon. A highly rated and extremely talented fighter he was missed by fans who are now glad to have him back. He has had a lot of time to mull over his knock-out defeat to Michael Bisping at UFC 199 in June last year. This was the second time the two fighters had gone toe to toe with Bisping tapping to a guillotine choke that Rockhold was able to lock in in the second round of their first encounter. Bisping is still the champion at 185 pounds but Rockhold called him out and told the Englishman’s next opponent Georges St-Pierre to back out before he embarrasses himself.

The idea of a trilogy between Rockhold and Bisping is exciting to say the least. However, it is important to focus on what the returning fighter did in his comeback fight at UFC Fight Night 116 against David Branch first of all.

Rockhold was able to secure a victory in the second round moving from top mount to back mount after Branch struggled to deal with Rockhold on top. Once taking the back the former middleweight champion was able to land big bombs from behind and force a stoppage due to Branch’s inability to defend himself.

The fuller story is completely different. In the first round Branch looked good. He was moving forward and walking Rockhold down. After questions were raised about the returning fighters chin after being knocked out by Bisping, who was not considered a big puncher at the time, Branch was able to land some clean shots. Rockhold took them well but the fact he took them still shows he can be hit easily. With his chin still up in the air the vulnerability is still present, the same vulnerability that Bisping exposed at UFC 199.

Branch also did a good job of getting in to a good range to negate Rockhold’s fantastic range of kicks. If given space Rockhold will launch devastating kicks to his opponents legs, body and head that can be the difference in the octagon. Weaknesses are present in the style of Rockhold due to his lack of defence and struggles against high intensity opponents but that is nothing new.

While there were obviously some issues he was still able to win the match up. He did this through calling on different strengths in his skill set. First of all when rampaging forward Branch would often find himself in control of a clinch with Rockhold finding his back against the cage. From this position Rockhold defended himself well and tied Branch up in the clinch stopping his opponent getting off good effective shots. At the end of the first round Rockhold was able to gain control of the clinch and score a take-down – probably his best moment of the opening round.

Perhaps sensing that he had a far greater ground game than Branch due to this exchange in the late part of the round, even though he had little time to hammer home the advantage at the end of the first, Rockhold looked for a take-down again in the second. Being out worked on his feet and believing he had a greater skill on the ground you can say that Rockhold worked out the issues he was facing and put it right. In turn you can argue he showed good fight IQ. Once he got Branch to the floor he looked far superior. Quickly transitioning into top mount before Branch gave up his back where Rockhold was able to finish the fight.

Now on to bigger business. Rockhold Bisping 3. It has to happen. There is too much history for it not to. Both fighters are proud men and true warriors. They will both want to put a line under the rivalry and attempt to claim the victory in the decider.

Bisping is defending his title against UFC legend GSP in November and will have to come through that holding onto his belt to keep the excitement of the trilogy fight up. No matter what Rockhold has to say on the competitiveness of the fight there is always danger stepping into the octagon. GSP could win the fight and it would take the shine off the third fight between Rockhold and Bisping as there would be no title on the line. Bisping has to focus on this fight before looking ahead to his next potential encounter. It is more than likely that Rockhold will fight again before any match up with Bisping so he has to keep his end of the bargain as well. However, both men seem to be focused on each other.

It definitely adds a buzz to the middleweight division having Luke Rockhold back in the mix. While he is not deserving of a title shot just yet another fight against a higher ranked opponent would certainly put him on the shortlist. Bisping wants the fight too and with title defences against Dan Henderson and GSP it would seem he fights who he likes not necessarily the guy who deserves it the most. The fight would be a great spectacle as both have great history in the sport and big fan bases. As fight fans can only hope this goes ahead and the rivalry is put to bed – in a war inside the octagon for the middleweight title.

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Canelo & GGG – the best and worst of boxing


It was billed as ‘The Best vs The Best’ and that is exactly what we got – it was memorising. It certainly delivered. 48 minutes of boxing action flew by in what felt like no time at all. Both men stood up and came to the party taking and dishing out heavy shots in equal measures. On an evening were boxing took centre stage (the middleweight World Super Series kicked off and Billy Joe Saunders defended his WBO world title) the main event of the boxing cards stood out and proved the status of both fighters to be true. As so often with boxing no matter how good the action in the ring is there is always some kind of controversy that overshadows the good.

First of all it is important to talk about the positives. The build up was stunning everything from the promotional videos by the television networks to the friendly but determined interactions between the fighters. All week interest grew due to the shape the fighters were in and the feeling of an imminent war.

The fight itself was perfect. GGG claimed the centre of the ring and Canelo looked comfortable with the pressure being put on him early. The speed of the Mexican claimed the first couple of rounds, not by much. As with many of the rounds they were nip and tuck. Golovkin started to take over more after the second slowly starting to make the fight become his type of fight. Canelo never really looked in trouble during this spell of GGG dominance and seemed calm under the relentless forward movement of his opponent. The Mexican, nicknamed ‘Cinnamon’, began working harder in the later rounds experiencing a second wind.

Praise has to be offered to Alvarez as he moved up in weight to take on a monster at middleweight. He did wilt in the middle rounds more than likely due to the muscle mass he had put on in his training camp. As Floyd Mayweather said often in the build up to his recent fight, in boxing – “you have to be able to take it as well as give it”. GGG certainly follows this mantra. Canelo landed his best and most powerful shots on the undefeated fighter and he kept coming. It did not even stop him in his tracks the pressure just did not let up from the Kazakh.

Golovkin had plenty of success too. He landed on Canelo while he was stranded on the ropes but as we know the Mexican’s defence is fantastic and the majority of GGG’s strikes did not land cleanly. Golovkin seemed unwilling to let shots fly as his opponents ability as a counter puncher is well know. The fight on the whole was close with both men having good spells. The majority of fans on social media and in the arena as well as many of the pundits edged it to GGG but arguments could be made for Canelo just sneaking it as well.

Then everything went wrong. Two judges were valid. 114-114 a draw. 115-114 to GGG. Both understandable and successful arguments can be made for these scores. But Adalaide Byrd coming out with a score of 118-110 in favour of Canelo really dampened the mood surrounding the fight. This of course means that the fight finished a draw. There is no way anybody could justify giving the Mexican 10 of those rounds. It was a close encounter and a wide score just is not right.

The outrage was shared on twitter by the boxing community and some examples of the tweets tell the story perfectly;

One of the best fighters of his generation, Manny Pacquiao, mocked the decision likening the decision to his own controversial decision against Jeff Horn.

One explanation as to why the judge saw a completely different fight to anybody else.

It seems ‘The Money Fight’ wetted the appetite of MMA fighters to be interested in boxing. Nobody understands how Canelo was given 10 rounds!

Hits the nail on the head. Great fight. Great fighters. All that is being discussed is boxing politics and judges.

Boxing and controversial decisions go hand in hand. Ruins the sport!

When all is said and done we should remember the action. A great evening which promised to represent the sport in its purist form did, until the decision. Both fighters came off well in this one and a rematch after the draw is inevitable. At least we get to see it again. A draw is not an unfair result, it is the outrageous scorecard that has ruined this. Fasten your seatbelts for Canelo & GGG 2!

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Canelo VS GGG – Risk and Reward


The best boxing match up of 2017 is now just around the corner. Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez will be fighting the middleweight king and holder of three titles at the weight Gennady Golovkin. Records have been put to the back of each fighters mind as an opportunity to make a fight that, according to promoter Oscar De La Hoya, involves substantial risk and reward for both men. It has the world of boxing excited and genuinely split in picking a winner. The fight will take place on Las Vegas and promoter De La Hoya, who criticised Mayweather against McGregor heavily, is hoping this will appeal to the boxing purist more than the money fight. We take a look at some of the talking points and how they could affect the result.

The Age Difference

There is a feeling that GGG may be slipping as he entered the twilight of his career. At the age of 35 he does not have a lot of fights left in him. Against Daniel Jacobs the unbeaten Golovkin laboured to victory by way of a unanimous decision, the first time in nine years that the Kazakh needed the judges score cards. Has GGG started to decline? It is difficult to say. Jacobs is a very good boxing technician and is one of the best middleweights in the world. GGG may have just been in the ring with a top class talent who found a way to have success against him. If that is the case it is a positive that he could retain his belts in a tough fight.

The fight before Jacobs saw Golovkin break through British welterweight Kell Brook. The fight was a complete mismatch and the size difference showed as GGG walked through everything Brook had to offer. However, Brook did have success making his opponent look slow and off the pace. It is difficult to work out if GGG abandoned his boxing skills and knew he could take Brook’s power or if the Brit genuinely out boxed him.

Canelo is eight years younger than his opponent and his combination of youth and experience could prove key in this contest. The Mexican fighter has more fights and has even competed in more rounds than his opponent. The Kazakh has entered 172 rounds to Canelo’s 353. This could be explained to GGG’s immense knockout power claiming 33 KO’s in his 37 professional fights giving him an 89% KO rate to Canelo’s 67%

Size and Weight

Canelo has come a long way since his debut in terms of physique. He has recently moved to middleweight to seek out the fight with GGG. He has campaigned at welterweight and super welterweight during his time in the sport. A win against Miguel Cotto to claim the vacant WBC world middleweight title which he defended successfully once against Amir Khan, the fight ending in a brutal KO. After the defence he dropped the belt to move back to super welterweight or in some peoples eyes to avoid his now upcoming opponent.

Golovkin, by contrast, is a career middleweight. A fighter who is naturally developed to that weight and his walking around weight is not to dissimilar to the weight he fights at.

Issues have been raised about the weight that Canelo has put on for the bout. He looks fantastic but many boxing experts have said that the muscle he has packed on may have hindered his usual sharp and quick hands. This was touted as a big factor that could see Alvarez win the fight. If he has sacrificed his strengths in a quest to find extra power he may have made a huge error. It is suggested Canelo should have embraced being the smaller man instead of trying to compete with GGG’s size.

Ring Experience

Both man have great experience and have been in the best around. Unfortunately for GGG he has not had major talent in his weight division. It has been rumoured in the past that he would move up to pursue fights with greats like Andre Ward but that never materialised. You cannot argue that he has ducked anybody throughout his career but he has never really been pushed to his limit. It is easy to argue that the upcoming fight in the biggest of his career.

GGG’s Mexican opponent has big names on his resume. The biggest of all handed him his first loss – Floyd Mayweather. That fight was one sided and ‘The Best Ever’ schooled a young Canelo. What the Mexican must have learned in that fight is immeasurable and now going in with someone with the standing in the sport of Golovkin will give him a chance to avenge that loss. Canelo has been in with fighters such as; Cotto, Shane Mosely and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr but this fight is the only one to come close to the level of Mayweather.


In a time where fighters protect their records and dodge potential difficult bouts to keep their 0 in the loss column this fight sticks out. Both men are recognised as pound for pound top ten and have reputations built on long periods of success. Unfortunately one of the contestants has to lose but in the process we will be offered a fight like no other we will see this year. For boxing fans the hope of this event inspiring top boxers to fight each other is a must. If it delivers it could happen. With the winner of Saunders vs Monroe hoping to get the winner of this fight the division could be unified next year.

The fight itself boils down to one question. How good is the ageing GGG. If he is anything like his dominating self of old Canelo is in for a very tough task. If the signs of him slowing are reinforced in this performance it will be a tough task for GGG. The natural size of GGG works in his favour but if his skills, reaction and timing have deserted him Canelo could use his slick skills to outclass him on the evening. The last thing to leave a boxer is his power and Golovkin has that in abundance. It really is a fight to look forward to and nobody can confidentially predict the outcome.

Great respect should be given to the two men putting it all on the line and giving the fans what they want.

Who will impose their style on the fight? Who will get the better of their opponent? Have your say;

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Saunders making noise for return against Monroe


Sparks are flying as the WBO World Middleweight Title contest between Britain’s Billy Joe Saunders and America’s Willie Monroe Jr fast approaches. Saunders has been outspoken in the build up and his antics have progressed to a new level as the fight draws near. It will be the Englishman’s first fight in over nine months as he looks to forget a poor performance against previous opponent Artur Akavov and return to his best. Monroe is coming to London for his second attempt at clinching a world title, his first ended in a defeat to the boss of the division Gennady Golovkin.  The fight has gained some momentum as the event draws near, but the fight itself was greeted with a mixed response.

Saunders is undefeated. He’s been a world champion for just under two years. However, he is not a household name and still has major critics in the boxing community. His controversial nature harms his status slightly but it is his lack of competitive action since becoming WBO champ that has caused issues. He won the belt back in December of 2015 in a mixed decision win against Andy Lee. The fight was a close affair, but Saunders scored two knock downs on his opponent in the third round which ultimately sealed the victory.

Since that famous night Saunders has only defended his WBO strap once against Akavov in what was a terrible night for Saunders. He was far from his usual standard and was extremely sloppy. He did win by unanimous decision and after the fight he slammed his own performance and said that he could forget a potential fight with Middleweight king GGG if he continued to perform as he had done.

Still boasting an unbeaten record since his debut in early 2009 Saunders most famous night came against English rival Chris Eubank Jr. Saunders was able to storm into an early lead and hold off a late Eubank rally to claim a split decision victory. Saunders showed great boxing skills to put Eubank on the back foot early. He got behind his jab and stopped Eubank imposing his aggressive style on the fight. A rematch is touted for the future and with both being outspoken it could be a great fight for British Boxing.

His opponent will be no pushover. Coming off the back of his second career defeat against Golovkin he has been able to win his next two fights before taking this shot at the WBO champion. Back to back unanimous decision wins against John Thompson and Gabriel Rosado who are both at a decent standard will give the American confidence.

As for causing Saunders problems it may have to be technique that the American turns to. He has no real knockout power in either hand only managing six KO’s in his 21 wins. He has good boxing ability but it is difficult to see him getting the better of an in-form Saunders. If Saunders comes in and performs as he did against Akavov Monroe may be able to cause his some real issues. Saunders will be hoping that he can see off an American fighter going for his world title unlike fellow Brit Kell Brook.

Saunders has a new trainer in Dominic Ingle, after splitting with Adam Booth, which could see his career take an upturn. Ingle has certainly improved Saunders physique and he looks more like a world champion than he has before. The change in trainer, diet and workout regime could be related to comments Canelo Alvarez made when Saunders hijacked the announcement of his fight with GGG. Canelo told the British fighter to get into shape and ‘lose some weight’ before getting in the ring with either himself or Golovkin. Saunders has obviously taken those comments on board and looks to be in the best shape of his life.

The Ingle’s are a legendary boxing family. Brendan Ingle, Dominic’s father, trained Naseem Hamed and Johnny Nelson (amongst others) and his son has gone on to train fighters such as Kell Brook, Junior Witter and Kid Galahad. It is fair to say that the family know a little bit about top level boxing. With a camp with the Ingle in his locker expect a different Saunders. He looks fitter, he looks sharp and his confidence seems unflappable.

Monroe said that the fact Saunders was raising his voice meant he feared him. Unfortunately for the American that is not the case. Saunders has always been outspoken and being out of the ring for so long will only have intensified the fire in him. Saunders will start fast and it will be a case of Monroe trying to hold on.

It is the time for Saunders to silence all his critics and go and get the huge fights that are waiting for him in the middleweight division. A good performance against Monroe will see him legitimately stake a claim to a mega fight, perhaps with the winner out of GGG and Canelo. Failing that there are some British rivals who will be looking to fight the unbeaten champion.

It all starts with this fight. He needs to deliver after such a long stretch of time and so little fights. It is time for Saunders to make a real statement.

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Dos Anjos hopes to conquer giants at 170


Brazilian mixed martial artist Rafael Dos Anjos moved up to welterweight in June this year and has won his two fights at his new weight. Following two defeats at lightweight, his long term weight, moving up was a natural move. However, after losing twice at his comfortable weight how will he fair moving up.

A unanimous decision win on his debut at 170 pounds against Tarec Saffiedine saw the pair go to war. It showed that Dos Anjos can mix it with a naturally bigger man and his skill on the ground was still as strong. RDA also took some big shots from Saffiedine and did seem to be fazed. This is not the biggest test that the Brazilian will face when moving up and Saffiedine is not a top 10 fighter at the weight. It was a good fight for the newcomer in the welterweight division to kick off his campaign.

The shots taken in the Saffedine fight will reassure RDA, his team and his fans after Eddie Alvarez rocked and stopped the then lightweight champion. Dos Anjos was in control of the fight. He was moving forward landing kicks and punches and when the fight did go to the ground he controlled the situation. Alvarez caught the champion with a huge left right on the sweet spot, which can happen in the UFC to anybody. It must have been a confidence shattering event for Dos Anjos. Especially knowing that a fight with Connor McGregor was just around the corner.

He followed his defeat to Alvarez with a fight against Tony Ferguson which was practically a title eliminator. Ferguson claimed victory by way of unanimous decision and handed RDA his second defeat on the bounce. The fight saw the second ranked lightweight Dos Anjos lose to the person directly bellow him. Moving forward in the division seemed to have come to a halt. The move up seemed to be the only option for the experienced fighter.

Coming of the back of his debt victory at welterweight a fight was scheduled which would see Dos Anjos face sixth seed welterweight Neil Magny. The fight saw RDA completely out sized by his opponent in terms of height and reach. It was a real test for the Brazilian but one which he passed with flying colours. Dos Anjos quickly got Magny down to the ground where his size was not an advantage. He dominated Magny from the top and submitted the American via arm triangle. It was an impressive victory and one that saw RDA move into the top 10 welterweights.

After his victory the Brazilian said that he was aiming for glory in the division looking to secure a fight with current champion Tyron Woodley. The division is full of quality fighters and it is going to be an achievement for RDA to get the title shot. Gunnar Nelson sits just underneath Dos Anjos in the welterweight rankings. Above the title hopeful are fighters such as; Donald Cerrone, Carlos Condit, Robbie Lawler and Stephan Thompson. All of these fights would be a challenge for RDA moving up in weight and fighting opponents of this quality.

Looking at Dos Anjos when he took on Magny he looked strong. He looked in good shape and his legs seemed to give him a powerful base. RDA will more than likely want to get his opponents on the ground as this is where he is strongest. RDA has a solid striking game but moving up weight may mean that his power is not as influential.

RDA is a fantastic fighter and has a strong record of 27-9-0. Moving up is a good decision as it could reinvigorate his career. One thing is for sure, his upcoming fights will be exciting. The welterweight division is full of dangerous opponents and the size of Dos Anjos’ name in sport will mean he will take on the best. A potential title fight with Woodley is not out of the question. However, RDA has a few big fights at the weight before earning that shot. Do not rule him out as he has the potential to beat anybody on the roster.

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