Wilder to handle business and move on to bigger fights

Bronze Bomber

American heayweight king Deontay Wilder will defend his WBC world title against Bermane Stiverne in Brooklyn. The pair have shared the ring before when the roles were reversed. Stiverne entered the bout the champion on the previous occasion. While Wilder was able to take the belt it remains the only minor blemish on his record. The first fight is the only fight in ‘the Bronze Bombers’ pro career he has not won by stoppage. Wilder will be looking to put the icing on the cake and stop Stivirne this time around.

Wilder has been involved in 38 professional fights and scored an incredible 37 knockouts. In fact the first match up against Stivirne was the first time the Alabama native was pushed past 4 rounds. It marked a step up in opponent for the best heavyweight in America and since then he has had more difficult nights than he did before. It is a similar scenario to his British rival Anthony Joshua. They were completely dominant in the early stages of their career but now the standard has increased their victories have been more hard fought. However, they both keep winning.

Stiverne vs Wilder I

The first fight was interesting. Wilder struggled in patches but the result was emphatic and he ran out a clear winner. Winning the fight by unanimous decision the judges scorecards read; 118-109, 119-108 and 120-107. The decision was widely based on the amount of punches each man threw.

Wilder was busier throwing 621 punches and landing 227 over the 36 minute contest. By contrast Stiverne threw 327 landing 110. The success rates were closer with Wilder landing 37% of his shots and Stiverne landing 34%. Stiverne caused Wilder some problems but the then challenger came through everything he had to and caused his opponent just as many issues.

Stiverne to be more active?

It is quite clear that if Stiverne wants to wrestle his title back from Wilder he will need to throw more punches this time around. If he can put his foot down on the accelerator if Wilder is again flustered he could win. But he has to get him on the back foot again which will be difficult.

With Stiverne aware to the fact he needs to throw more he will find himself with problems he did not last time. Stamina could be an issue if he is outputting more energy for attacks. He will leave himself more open if he comes forward more and with the power Wilder possess he could be laid out. Even though he had some success last time it needs to be a completely different game plan.

Wilder gunning for the KO?

Wilder has successfully defended his title 5 times since beating Stiverne. All have been good victories against solid fighters. The rematch with Stiverne is an interesting one for him and puts him in a different place mentally. Fighting the same man and the only man he has not been able to finish inside the distance in his pro career will test his head.

Will he over commit and go for the KO to prove himself? Will he be patient and willing to go the distance or pick him off late? He must get his stratergy right this time as Stiverne is tough and the best opponent he has ever faced. It is a good test for ‘the Bronze Bomber’ and puts new hurdles in his path.

The weigh in

Sparks flew at the weigh in as the pair came face to face. Wilder was animated and was predicting a knockout. Who would put it passed him with the immense power he carries. The knockouts on his record have stacked up and his reputation as a heavy hitter needs no explaining.

Stiverne said that Wilder was a ‘camera boy’ basically suggesting he is all talk. It is hard to see were Stiverne is going with that one but it was clear that the pair had an intense dislike for one and other.

What does the future hold?

Wilder is expected to win. Stiverne has not competed in 2 years and to come back in against an elite fighter is a tough ask. Wilder was scheduled to fight Luis Ortiz which would have been a fantastic fight and one that could have put an even bigger name on Wilder’s record. The Cuban heavyweight was forced to pull out after he tested positive for banned substances.

If Wilder does retain his belt he will feel the need to add some serious top level names to his record to emphasise his greatness. The one everybody around the world would like to see is Wilder against Joshua. Both men are dominant in their countries and hold 3 of the 4 world titles. A tough encounter to call it would be the biggest boxing match up in years.

Unlike Joshua Wilder does not have a name the size of Wladimir Klitschko on his record. But there are very few heavyweights who have that status in world boxing. A fight against a previous opponent of Joshua may wet the appetite for boxing fans as it does not feel that the time for the two to clash is right just yet. Perhaps his latest opponent Carlos Takam could go in against Wilder and see if he can push the WBC champ as far as he pushed Joshua.

An interesting fight would be Wilder facing Dillian Whyte. Whyte was beaten by AJ but really put some pressure on his opponent in the build up and in the ring. Whyte wants the fight and has made the fact he wants it public. Wilder is not as keen making ludicrous financial demands to make the fight happen. Wilder has made it clear that he wants one man from England.

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@eddiehearn bro let's not play around here, We both know who I want from England, you told me a while back at the WBC convention that your main man was next remember? So why have you been trying to throw your cocka roaches in with me. First it was Bellew and now it's your dirty cunt @dillianwhyte man come on. I tell you what… Make that offer of 3 million into 7 million and on OUR terms. Oh it's going to cost you to change my plans of what we about to do up and NO it's not on YOUR terms. How you go come with a offer of 3 million and want things on your terms too? The last time I checked I was the damn CHAMP! When I bet the horse shit out your stray doggy, (Animal Farm) I'm AGAIN not going to GAIN any credit or anything from anybody for beating his ass whatsoever; After this beat down from TTown, They will call him a Bum too let's face it and the world knows this. Fans really just want to see me back in the ring that's why they entertaining this bullshit. @dillianwhyte is a crush dummy at best, he's designed to well you know!?! "Fucking Crush" Every fighter wants to fight for titles over and over again, shit some guys never see a first time and y'all want another shot with 3M + term too? Get the fuck out of here. Hey I would love to fuck him up as bad and as bloody as I will do and take that money too EZ. So sleep on them nuts and come back with an open mind and a new heart because the CHAMP don't like this fuckery. "I SWEAR TO GOD IM GOING TO CATCH A BODY FROM ONE OF THIS CABBAGES IN THIS SPORT SOON, MARK MY WORDS"… #BombZquad #DeathRow #FixTheLeakage #IfYourRidingWithMeThenLetsRide #IfNotThenKickRocks #PutSomeRespectOnMyName #UsaVsEverybody #TheRealistChampInTheBusiness

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Joseph Parker is the other man to hold a world title and his style could cause Wilder some problems if the pair fight. Parker is quick and technical and could be the antidote to Wilder’s powerful flurries.

Tyson Fury has come out and has said that he wants to get back into the mix and thinks he could cement his brilliance by beating Wilder and unifying the heavyweight division again. Fury needs to get back into shape before any fights materialise but when that happens you would not bet against him with his unique and awkward style.

There is a wealth of prospects for all the top heavyweights. It seems as if all of them are on a collision course and the boxing community is in for a real treat in 2018 and further.

First of all Wilder needs to do his job and retain against Stiverne. He cannot look beyond this opponent as he has ability and heart that could derail Wilder moving forward. If Wilder is at his best he will win and more than likely get the stoppage this time around. Any signs of complacency could cost him. If this bout is as good as the last one we are in for a treat!

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