Canelo and GGG scrap to be top dog

Canelo ggg

After ‘The Money Fight’ which was not for the boxing purist ended attention suddenly jolted towards the Canelo Alvarez Gennady Golovkin fight. This one is most definitely one for the whole of the boxing community to get behind. Both men are legend’s in there own right. Often we are robbed of the biggest boxing match ups due to promoters and protecting records. So all credit has to be offered to team Canelo and team GGG for getting this fight organised. Both men are so dominant and seeing them go toe to toe will be fascinating.

GGG is the older man at 35 opposed to Canelo who is 27. The youthful exuberance will be on the side of the Mexican superstar. He has developed over the years from a welterweight to middleweight, the weight this fight will be at. His opponent has been a career middleweight which may give him the advantage. Physically they are similar with GGG only having a slight size advantage.

The Mexican has a record of 49 wins, of which 34 were knock-outs, one draw and one loss. His only loss came against the greatest boxer of his era Floyd Mayweather. In the fight he was outclassed by his unbeaten opponent. Canelo was only 23 at the time he took on Mayweather and it may have been a different story if they competed when the age gap was more in favour of the Mexican. Since then he has been able to add Miguel Cotto, Amir Khan, Liam Smith and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr to his resume of wins.

The Kazakh star who will face Canelo is unbeaten. Winning his 37 fights claiming 33 knock-outs in that time. It is a formidable task for anybody to face this man. He has dominated this division for some time now.

However, recently he has been struggling. When he faced Kell Brook in 2016 he used his strength and size to walk down and punch through the natural smaller man. Brook had some success though. Brook is a great boxer and is technically sound. Even though he got through he did not cause many problems for GGG. If a bigger man with more power could put together a similar performance against the undefeated middleweight who knows? In his next fight he went 12 rounds for the first time in his career. Daniel Jacobs pushed him all the way in a great contest. GGG took a unanimous decision with 2 judges scoring it 115-112 and the final judge scoring it 114-113.

With GGG’s powers seemingly slipping this could be a good time for Canelo to get in the ring with him. After he took the Mayweather fight early and possibly at a time were he was expected to lose it seems this time it is him that has the timing advantage.

When the two come up against each other they will find that they are facing one of the best opponents either man has experienced fighting. The fans are rightly excited that these two stars are getting it on in the ring.

It will come down to who can impose their style on the fight. Both punch hard. GGG grinds his opponents down with relentless shots that drain fighters and break them down. Canelo has one punch power – just look at the shot that dropped Khan. Both men can box as well. Canelo has a great technique and has been in the pro game for a long time even though he is still young. GGG has a fantastic amateur record that makes sure he has boxing basics engrained in his DNA.

On the balance our prediction is that Canelo will be the younger and fresher man and has the biggest chance to end GGG’s unbeaten record in some time. He looks in tremendous shape going into the fight and is working on exploiting weaknesses that have been highlighted in recent Golovkin fights.

But who genuinely knows? This is as 50 50 as you can get. Both fighters are experienced and both fighters will see this as a career defining fight. GGG in terms of putting a line under his unbeaten record. For Canelo it is a chance to put a true great on his win list. After the Mayweather fight he will feel this will negate that defeat. Whatever happens this will be a true spectacle. A true boxing match that is balanced on a knife edge. Enjoy!

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Author: Alan Brown

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