The best and worst reactions to Mayweather vs McGregor

Floyd Mayweather surpassed Rocky Marciano boxing record of 49-0 in his 50th contest recoding his 50th win without defeat. The fight was one sided and McGregor soon realised this was a different game than he anticipated. Both men handled them well post fight and showed respect for one and other. What did Twitter think of the fight? Here are some of the best and worst reactions.

Jose Aldo was decimated by Conor McGregor in the build up and in the main event at UFC 194. Given the amount of mental abuse he suffered from the Irishman you can see why he takes great joy from McGregor being outclassed. However, he has to handle himself with more class than this. It shows his bitter attittude towards ‘the Notorious’. Aldo is attempting to fuel talk of a rematch after his 13 second defeat. Still you can feel the sourness in this tweet.

Another possible opponent for the UFC’s golden boy on his return to the octagon Rafael dos Anjos reacted by criticising McGregor. They were set to fight for the UFC Lightweight strap but injury meant that the Brazilian had to pull out. McGregor went on to face Nate Diaz for the first time. In that time dos Anjos lost his title to Eddie Alvarez meaning that dos Anjos did not get his pay day. Again he is looking for the fight on McGregor’s return. Butthis tweet comes across as petty.

Joey Barton loves a tweet. He is right. Mayweather would not stand a chance in the octagon. That is obvious to see. But the beating McGregor was given in the squared circle last night was a landslide and showed that McGregor was out of his depth. He may have got some rounds in but that was always going to happen. Mayweather is not a puncher so he had to break down the UFC man.

One man that has been in with ‘the Notorious’ was able to let go of his disappointment of his defeat and give some respect to the crossover attempt. McGregor did put in the effort, you could see that from the training camp and the build up. He wanted to win. The way he handled himself afterwards did indeed show the world of MMA in a great light. Eddie Alvarez’s tweet was one of the best of the night. You have to appreciate what McGregor tried to do.

Tyron Woodley went a step further than Alvarez and congratulated both fighters on the spectacle they put on. Neither man could have done it on their own and they did generate genuine excitement and intrigue into their bout. Woodly has taken some criticism in the UFC similar to Mayweather.

A great rival of Mayweather Manny Pacquiao was able to put differences aside and congratulate the undefeated fighter on his achievement. He summed up the night pretty well. He has been having in-ring difficulties himself but still handles himself with class.

50 Cent and Mayweather used to be close. Issues in their friendship meant that they are no longer on good terms. However, the rapper was able to acknowledge his former close friends accomplishment. He did so by using humour. Using a photo of himself (50) and a zero signifying ‘the Best Ever’s’ new unbeaten record.

All in all it was a good night for both men and both sports. The exposure MMA has received from this is amazing and boxing has proven its point. Both men are brilliant fighters and they put on a show for the fans.

Author: Alan Brown

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