Roger Federer a true legend of tennis

In any generation there are a couple of names that are synonymous with the sport of tennis. One player in recent years has been able to play at a higher level for a longer period of time than any person before him. It is obviously, Roger Federer. He went in to this years Wimbledon as the third seed behind Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic but both of these competitors struggled with injury. He faced Croatian Marin Cilic who had a rough afternoon on the biggest day of his career.

Federer was able to secure his record eighth Wimbledon tittle relatively easily as Cilic had a minor injury during the game and suffered some what of an emotional breakdown. The seventh seed believed that he did not show his best tennis in the final and he was visibly upset about this during the game. Federer won in straight sets, something that he did all the way through this years tournament. His cool persona was on show during the game, but when the event had finished and he saw his two sets of twins brought into the crowd the relaxed legend began to show his emotion.

Would Federer have claimed this historic win if Murray or Djokovic were able to progress in the competition? We will never know. But the tennis the Swiss man has played over the last few weeks suggest anybody who faced him would have had to perform at a high level to beat him. Murray is number one in the world but since achieving that feet he has struggled to grab many headline moments. Djokovic has had problems with his team and has a new one in place. It is not all tranquil at the top table of tennis at the moment. Nadal also seems to be reducing in dominance.

Federer has taken time off and reduce his time playing on the world circuit. At 35 he is well and truly in the twilight of his career. Selecting the competitions he is playing in cleverly has helped him return to something like his former glory. This return to success would have been hard to foresee not so long ago as he was struggling to put any kind of performance forward.

The question before this years Wimbledon was, is it time for a revolution. Could somebody step up and force their way into the top pack with all the issues surrounding the long standing top four. Cilic got his chance but it seems that these top players still have the ability and the aura, especially in big matches, to find that extra gear. The win for Federer was never in doubt after the first set. He is a lovely man with a great attitude, but when he gets his opponent in trouble on the court he is calculated and brutal.

The achievement is a huge one. He goes above American tennis legend Pete Sampras as the most successful player in Wimbledon history. His first win came back in 2003 and his latest in 2017. It is unbelievable that a player can sustain success over this length of time. Perhaps there is one last effort in Federer. Next year he may be back to defend his crown. He will be hoping if he does he will be successful against Djokovic in the final. The Serb is the only player who has beaten Federer in a Wimbledon final and not tasted defeat to the eight time winner. This would be the final notch on his bedpost. 

Whatever happens in Federer’s future his place in tennis history is cemented. His style of play and his consistent trophy collecting will make sure of that. The opponents he is faced over the years have been the best in the world in their day, he has stayed on top as the standard of the sport has reached new heights. He is a true legend of Tennis.

Author: Alan Brown

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